The Sacrament of First Holy Communion is a parish based programme which is run by Anne Dooley, our sacramental Co-ordinator. The ‘Do this in Memory’ programme is designed to facilitate the active involvement of the children, their families and the wider parish community in the preparation for First Holy Communion.

The celebration of First Holy Communion is not an end in itself but a sacred and important moment on a long journey of faith development.  Together with Baptism and Confirmation, it opens the door to full participation in the Christian family.


First Communion Dates 2018 Programme

Sat 28 April 11.00am – Scoil Mhuire

Sat 19 May 11.00am – St Vincent de Paul Girls School


How the programme works:

The programme consists of a number of monthly masses prepared for and with the children and parents.  This mass will be the 12:30pm Sunday Mass in the parish Church.  We hope you will join us for the celebration of Mass on the other Sundays of the month too. The purpose of these Masses is to help the children become more familiar with the Mass and encourage them to participate more fully in it.  The first Mass in the programme is the Enrolment Mass where the first Holy Communion children and their parents are:

  • Presented to the community
  • Invited to promise to participate in the parish preparation programme
  • Asked to renew their baptismal promises with the parish community

Children will receive a Certificate of Enrolment at this Mass


Ways to help to prepare your child:

  • Talk to your child about First Holy Communion and why they are receiving it.
  • Bring your child to Mass especially on the Sundays of the programme
  • Spend time with your child preparing for the Mass by reading the Gospel and Mass responses.
  • Help your child to do any activities they are asked to do.
  • Become involved in the ‘Do this in memory” team
  • Create a family prayer space
  • Pray with your child.


Programme Resources:

Each child will receive a Book from the ‘Do this in memory” programme called the THUMB book and a Grapevine Magazine after each Mass.  At the parents meeting in January you will also receive a guide to the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).


First Reconciliation Dates:

Tues 30th Jan 2018 7.30pm Parents information evening on first confession

Tues 6th March 2018 1.15pm Scoil Mhuire

Tues 13th March 2018 1.30pm St Vincent de Paul Girls School


Setting up a prayer space in your home.

A prayer of sacred space is a small area in which you can place symbols that help your child to sense that God is present in their lives.  Children often use their Sacred Space at home as an area for Holy objects that they accumulate from home, school and parish.  The sacred space doesn’t have to be complicated; a windowsill or corner of a table will do.  Place a coloured cloth here with a candle and any other sacred symbols that appeal to your child.  They can be changed with the seasons eg at Christmas and Easter.

Suggestions for praying with your child

  • Use the prayers your child is learning at school and the prayer sheet included with the Thumb book.
  • Say a grace before meals when you sit down to eat as a family
  • Pray with your child before they go to sleep at night.  This is a lovely time to thank God for the good things in our lives and to ask God to bless all the people we love.


Date of Preparation Masses for First Holy Communion (2018 programme)

(all Sundays at 12:30pm)

November 26th  2017 (Enrolment Mass)

December 17th  2017

February 11th  2018

March 4th 2018

March 25th  2018(Palm Sunday)

April 15th 2018

June 3rd 2018 (Corpus Christi)