Mary’s Month

Mary’s Month
The month of May has always been seen by us as the month of Mary. Its verdant colours, its beauty in its greens, the colour of the lilies, the bluebells, the mayflower, the lily of the valley, all colours which remind us of the purity of Our Lady.
In this extraordinary time of pandemic let us take hope from this coming month, enjoy the colours and the flowers, and celebrate its beauty. In honour of Mary, Our Mother, Pope Francis has asked us to pray the Rosary during the month of May and Father Tom has reminded us that we can visit the Church grounds, to pray at the statue of Our Lady or perhaps celebrate Her month by leaving some May flowers.
While we will miss our choir this year singing that beautiful May hymn to Our Lady at Sunday Mass, click on the video below to keep us reminded of its message of joy as we echo the poets words
‘Their voices sound to show their pride
In Mary, Queen of all that’s fair
In May’.