The Parish of St. Vincent de Paul, Marino.

The suburb of Marino was developed in 1924 when Dublin Corporation decided to build a revolutionary type of housing in the area of Fairview .
This represented a radical departure for the Corporation of that time, and created a unique development of housing and roads in a previously rural environment.
The estate lands of Lord Charlemont formed part of the first phase of development, and eventually both the Charlemont and Croydon estates formed the Parish of Marino as we know it today.
All that now remains of the former rural landscape is the exquisite Casino, an 18th century architectural gem, set to the rear of Marino Church.
The Church Of St.Vincent De Paul, Marino was completed in 1928 on the old Charlemont estate, on the initiative of the

Very Rev.John Flanagan P.P, of Fairview parish to which the new suburb belonged.
The foundation stone of the Church of St. Vincent de Paul was laid on 2nd May, 1926, and it was consecrated on the

7th. October by Dr.Edward Byrne,Archbishop of Dublin.
At the same time the Church encouraged the building of fine new schools in this new development,In line with its social thinking at the time. Two fine, spacious schools were built, with accommodation for up to 1,500 children. These buildings had a distinctly continental style, as had many of the houses in the new scheme.

In 1942 Marino was established as a Parish in its own right, Canon McArdle being appointed Parish Priest.
Today, St. Vincent de Paul, Marino is a Parish with a vibrant community, made up of “old” Marino people and relative “newcomers” from all walks of life. In recent years the parish has inceased considerably in size, with new housing in various estates stretching from Drumcondra Road, including Beresford, High Park, The Cloisters, Griffith Hall, All Hallows Square,Gracepark Wood, Charlemont,etc.
The Parish is well catered for with Primary, and Secondary schools, as well as Third Level Colleges, including the Teacher Training College in the Marino Institute, and the former All Hallows College, now part of the Dublin City University campus.
We also have the Dublin City Council Fire Brigade Training Centre in the Parish, located in one of our more prestigious legacy buildings, the O’Brien Institute.
The Parish Centre is in regular use for parish meetings such as the Parish Pastoral Council, Baptism Preparation, Community Mass Group, etc. These meetings are usually held in the Marino, or Charlemont, Rooms, or the Annadale Room which accommodates smaller parish groups.
Marino Parish has a Parish Pastoral Council, which was established in 2004 in pursuance of guidelines laid down by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, to encourage parishes in their mission.
The Parish is committed to the Children First programme and all Parish volunteers are required to seek Garda clearance prior to involvement with any Parish Activity or Group.
The parish Mission Statement is, that
The Parish mission is to grow in the image of Christ through the Holy Spirit, to be formed by the Word and the community of prayer, to use the gifts of the community to welcome those who are here and to reach out to those who wish to be part of the parish. All are invited to join with our community as partners in this mission. Together,the community and parish of Marino will continue seek to know Christ better and to share the joy of knowing Him, with all who seek Him.