Congratulations on the Birth of your Baby.

It is with great joy that the priests and people of Marino congratulate you on the birth of your child. We pray for the happiness and good health of your family


Baptism – The Sacrament of Welcome

We are pleased to welcome your child into the Christian Family. The Sacrament of Baptism is an action of Jesus Christ whereby your child becomes a brother or sister of Christ, they are given the Holy Spirit and recognized as a child of God. Your child becomes a member of the Church. It is a significant and joyful event for you and your child. It is also a day of happiness and celebration for our parish and for the whole Church.
Through Baptism your child begins a life-long journey of faith and love
As the parish of St. Vincent de Paul Marino, we thank you for bringing your child for Baptism. In making that choice you are committing yourself to pass on the gift of faith, to bring up your child in the practise of the faith and to progress in the knowledge and love of God and other people.


The Celebration of Baptism

In preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism, we ask you to call the parish office on 01-8332772 to arrange a Baptism date and collect an information pack. We ask you to attend a Baptism preparation meeting (on a given date). The Baptism team will welcome you and prepare the Baptism Ceremony. This meeting enables you to get a deeper understanding of what is going to happen during the Celebration of Baptism.

From March 2019 Baptisms will be held on the 2nd. Saturday of the month at 12.00 noon.


Frequently asked Questions


  • Call the parish office on 01-8332772 to arrange to collect the Baptism Preparation Information pack
  • Complete the registration form and return it to the parish office with a photocopy of your child’s Birth Certificate (Civil Registration Birth Certificate) and donation envelope (see note below)
  • If living outside the parish, please supply permission letter from your parish priest.
  • Attend the preparation meeting on the Thursday night prior to your baby’s Baptism
  • On the day of Baptism please bring a Baptismal Candle and White Shawl and arrive at 11:45am


Choosing Godparents

Choose your Godparents with care.   Godparents must be Baptised and Confirmed Catholics who are committed to sharing their faith with their God-child.  Godparents must be at least 16 years of age.  While it is possible to have one Godparent, if two are chosen, they must be one male and one female.

We strongly encourage Godparents to attend the preparation meeting.


Living outside the Parish

For parents who live outside the parish a letter is required from the Parish priest where they reside granting permission to the baptism to be celebrated outside their own parish.



It is usual for the parents to make an offering to the Church.  We do not specify an amount but suggest that you give a donation according to your means in the donation envelope (You will find this in your Baptism information pack) Please send/hand it onto the sacristy with the completed registration form and copy of your baby’s birth certificate before the date of Baptism