Issues with Livestream (Webcam & Sound)

Issues with Livestream (Webcam & Sound)

Intermittent Problems with Webcam Sound & Video using Livestream

Issue with Webcam VIDEO: When you log on initially, you will be asked to select the Cookies. In order to access the VIDEO , please ensure that you select ACCEPT ALL COOKIES. Then, please make sure that you refresh the page before selecting the livestream again.

Issue with Webcam SOUND: Sometimes it is not possible to turn on the sound. Following consultation with the website designer and webcam operator we believe that the issue is associated the Google Chrome Internet Browser that many people use to access the Marino parish website. The issue has not been seen to date with Bing (Microsoft), Safari (Apple) or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers.

If you encounter this issue please do the following;

1.Exit or refresh the website and access the webcam/livestream via the Home page. This sometimes works!

2.Exit the website and use another browser (Bing/Safari/Firefox) to access the Marino Parish website

3. If this does not work, click on this link. It will bring you directly to the webcam.