Well done the Knitwit team

Well done, Knitwits
On Saturday the 29th of June last, we were treated to a fantastic display of all the knitted pieces produced by the members of the Knitwits team. The range and quality of the items on display was so varied and colourful that it was hard to believe so much could be done in such a short time. In fact, far more is done as items are very often handed over when finished by the group.
The Knitwits were formed some years ago initially to knit cribs for hospitals and elsewhere for Christmas. Since then it has broadened its horizons and now undertakes a variety of items to donate to various hospitals and to satisfy many needs.
For so many families going through the trauma of losing a baby, either still born or having suffered an illness there is something intensely comfortable about small colourful baby suits, layettes and a variety of blankets. It helps the grieving process in many ways.
The knitters also provide bonnets and knitwear for premature babies, mainly for the Coombe Hospital, and comfort blankets for children, blankets like Joseph’s dream coat, in many beautiful colours for children in Crumlin Hospital.
The great work of Maureen Kelly and her willing knitters also benefits Beaumont Hospital, where they often supply knitted chemo bags for patients who are mobile and who bring their infusions with them as the go out and about. Beaumont also receives a supply of soft toys which are sold by the hospital to raise funds especially around Christmas time.
This group like so many little groups in the parish, is a practical example of Christianity in action. All its members are volunteers and the materials are supplied by each knitter. It is also a group which has two very enthusiastic young members, Liam and Alice, who bring another dimension to it, with their enthusiasm and commitment. The morning was a celebration of work well done, where knitters and parishioners discussed crochet and knitting over tea and lots of cake.
To all we say well done and remember they will begin again in September and if you wish you can plain and purl and crochet with them so do come along if you wish to join this happy band.
To get a photographic flavour of the work and of the volunteers and the visitors please click on the link below.